Creating “Wow” Customer Service, Part 2

The reality is that when angry customers leave companies because they are dissatisfied, they will tell at least 15-20 people of their experience and bad-mouth your company. Companies cannot afford this. There is not enough marketing dollars in the world that can be thrown to win and keep clients if they are angry. Nothing but excellent customer service keeps happy clients and makes them into loyal fans. But when angry customers are won back, they become loyal to you and they will likewise tell lots of people their story of how you helped them.

Here is how to accomplish this:

  1. Agree on this strategy across all departments: we will win angry clients back and help them become loyal fans.
  2. Train everyone to realize that if the customer is still talking to you expressing pain, they want you to do something to win them back.
    At a very deep level, most of the time, they want that company to restore the relationship. Don’t just be “done with them.”
  3. Train everyone to realize that customers who express anger don’t want to choose someone else even though they tell us they have chosen someone else.
    They are doing this one last thing of anger to see if they really don’t have any other option. When customers stop telling you how badly you made them feel, when they don’t care enough to tell you their pain anymore, that’s when you have lost them. But when they are still talking to you (especially in anger), they most of the time want back in. But the customers that do not tell you anything and quietly go away, have already left you, and they don’t care enough about you to tell you.
  4. Train everyone to consider angry customers to be your best customers.
    Angry and verbally upset clients are letting you know “please do something before I really bolt even though I’m telling you I’ve already bolted.” When you win angry customers back, they become your loyal fans. But if you don’t win them back, statistics show that they will be very vocal and very broad when it comes to how many people they share their story with.
  5. Train everyone to not take things personally and not get easily offended.
  6. Train everyone to not run away from angry clients or big problems. Instead, run to the problem.
    This is a lot easier for those personalities that thrive on conflict and like to interact with people at that level. It’s harder for those that shy away from conflict. But everyone can be taught how to do the simple traits of empathy and quick action. What you do then is have those personalities that thrive on this be the ones who quickly help out to resolve the problem. And yes, praise them, pay them more or acknowledge them more for this. This is huge.
  7. Train all managers across all departments to collect problems and inconsistencies and bring them to the weekly manager meeting (see part 1) for the managers to update processes and provide clarity.

Dealing with angry customers can be an intimidating and daunting task, but by implementing these seven simple strategies not only will your customer service improve but your company’s reputation as well.

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